Even people who just like us have spent many years working with outdoor luminaires are constantly discovering new ideas for making life outside even more pleasant. Most concepts result from a meanwhile wellestablished collaboration between external designers and the IP44.DE team. Together we explore new design approaches, analysing their merits and technical possibilities and optimising them so that the end result is a technically and aesthetically perfect outside luminaire.

Fresh collection

One of our new products answers to the name of qu and is the modern reinterpretation of a classic lantern. For fil, we have covered the outdoor luminaire shade with fabric to give its light literally textile qualities. Both can be found in our fresh collection of portable outdoor luminaires, which has been so successful that even we were initially surprised. On the other hand, the fact is that the outdoor setting lets us enjoy a scope and freedom that we simply cannot experience indoors. The task of outdoor luminaires by IP44.DE is to accompany us during these stellar moments.

All it takes is a gentle tap with a finger to switch lix on. The radiance is adjusted with another gentle tap. The lix touch dimmer adjusts the luminous intensity in four levels.


lix not only looks stunning in the dark but is also an attractive highlight during the day.


fil is so aesthetically appealing that you want to literally touch this outside luminaire. But its actual qualities are unfolded when its extraordinary warm light shines through the fabric shade. In fact, fil not only sheds light but lives from it at the same time: a solar panel on the top collects solar light and converts it into energy for many hours of light.


It‘s a well-known fact that a cube has six sides. In fil, the sides consist of a solar panel that is embedded flush in translucent fabric. A second inner cube of translucent polycarbonate creates a uniform light effect.


The modern lantern with great light can go wherever we want to be! In combination with the hook, qu shines a light on every wall, or you can hang it from the rope in trees, under veranda or balcony roofs, or from the pin set in the ground. 


qu is of course easy to transport. The portable light can also be attached to any wall with the hinged handle or hung from trees, verandas or balconies with a rubber cord.


If the shape seems familiar to some people, that is because scap is one of the classic products in the IP44.DE range. Our up- & downlight is fitted with state-of-the-art lighting technology; at the same time, we have gently streamlined the silhouette to bring it up to date.


A design classic in a new version: scap in our architectural colours anthracite . cool brown . space grey . pure white . deep black


The piek cover is an optional extra that can be easily positioned on the luminaire head of the piek in just a few simple steps. The piek cover L serves as optical lens for the perfect focus. piek cover S is a simple solution to give the luminaire a whole new look, while the piek cover C features a honeycomb design for completely glare-free light.

cut one

We don't do things by halves with cut one, but we do offer half the size: as a pure downlight, which can naturally also be installed as an uplight, cut's little sister combines a compact shape with a clearly focussed light.

cut . Up & Downlight


cut one is available in our architectural colours: anthracite . cool brown . space grey . deep black . pure white

up S + up R

up-solutely functional is our latest downlight, making it the ideal choice for all projects in need of both reduced and reliable outdoor lighting. up meets this task with a round (R) or square (S) shade.


up-solutely functional is our latest downlight and therefore the ideal choice for all projects in need of both reduced and reliable outdoor lighting. Reflector and lens of the simply elegant up S flood every room with brilliant, wide-angled light!


Simple cylinder, reliable technology, brilliant light: that‘s all a perfect ceiling luminaire needs. up R, our new downlight for elegant outdoor lighting, focuses on what really matters.

lin base + lin poller

lin‘s varieties are as diverse as its possible uses. Our poller luminaire is available with a height of 40 cm and 70 cm. Both sizes can be supplied either for direct connection or with a cable lead (the latter also with a ground spike on request). Meanwhile, one thing always stays the same: its attractive appearance.


The most eye-catching detail of this pioneering luminaire is its blades in a luminaire body with a minimalist design. lin base with base plate: this barshaped path lighting solution always provides glare-free downward-facing light.


Already a highly successful movable path luminaire, lin poller can now be turned into a classic poller luminaire by connecting it unobtrusively with the lin box. The elegant look with bar-shaped luminaire body and inner blades remains unchanged. Now available in two heights!