Outside is the new inside

In recent months, which were not always easy, there has been a lot of talk about the health benefits of being outside in the fresh air. This is true of course - and at the same time it‘s not a surprise either. Many of us have been aware of this fact for a long time. After all, each and every one of us spends more and more time outdoors in nature - and justifiably so. Outside is the new inside for a good number of people, and hours spent in the open air are among the most relaxing of all. Without doubt this is all very healthy. But above all, it also does you a whole lot of good. We are always happy to make a small contribution to the joy of being outside with light by IP44.DE. Please turn to the following pages for some new, inspiring ideas.

All it takes is a gentle tap with a finger to switch lix on. The radiance is adjusted with another gentle tap. The lix touch dimmer adjusts the luminous intensity in four levels.

Shining examples

Every garden, every patio and every outdoor area is highly individual. Similarly, the preferences of their users also differ. Our latest new products take account of this diversity. They supplement our range with luminaires that are portable, can be installed at paths, work self-sufficiently and can be activated automatically. Their common feature is that they not only look good but also provide good light.

Pure elegance

If glim makes you think of the good old candlestick, then you‘re not far wrong: our portable table luminaire is clearly inspired by traditional candlelight.


qu pin puts – or should we say hangs – our qu on a new basis: with the simple aluminium spike in the ground, qu hangs on the projecting arm, creating an island of homely-cosy light.

IP44.DE connect poster

In DIN A5 format at first rather inconspicuous: unfolded, our new poster presents everything worth knowing about the IP44.DE connect system and can also be used wonderfully as a mood board. ⁠

Presentation of all connect-able outside luminaires.


They say you have to change to remain true to yourself, and scap one gives impressive confirmation of this rule. When used as an up- or downlight, it works great in combination with our classic scap.


Motion-activated: a motion detector that is as precise as it is discreet activates stic when light is needed and deactivates it as soon as it is no longer required.

IP44.DE product poster 2022

The fold-out poster presents the complete portfolio 2022 and can be used perfectly as a mood board. The categories wall, ceiling and ground luminaires as well as portable and movable luminaires are presented very clearly. 

All IP44.DE outside luminaires at a glance.


cut poller stands all on its own and illuminates the garden or park, ways or paths, wherever attractive light is wanted. 


Nice and independent: the bollard luminaire is an aesthetic sight by day and night. An integrated glass lens produces an unmistakably focused lighting effect.


Our movable ground spotlight stic spike offers guidance and brightness. It creates a setting for trees and shrubs, while also serving as object or path lighting.


piek mini solar is a stand-alone solution in the best sense of the word. The flexible up- or downlight has its own solar and storage module so it can be used in places where light is needed but where there is no power socket in the vicinity.