Soaking up the sun. Simply everywhere.

Here at IP44.DE, we are celebrating the solstice! Our family of powerful solar luminaires brings renewable energy into the green outdoors. Our sun-powered luminaires manage without any installation or power grid and can be used wherever atmospheric light is wanted. A balcony without a power socket? A solitary tree that could do with a light spot? A remote spot in the garden for cosy evenings? Our solar luminaires provide atmospheric light wherever it is needed and the sun’s shining. Their strengths are therefore on display more during the sunny months of the year rather than during the dark seasons.

The time is ripe.

By the way, it is not just a coincidence that we at IP44.DE are advocating climate-neutral energy right now. We have researched a long time to find solar panels that really convinced us from a technical point of view. Furthermore, recently there have also been clear further improvements in the charging capacity of batteries. The quality of electronic components has been similarly enhanced, so that even low wattages provide good light today. 

In other words, the time is ripe for solar luminaires in IP44.DE quality. With an efficient PV panel, strong battery and also a strong light source, they generate pleasure in the long term, with every ray of sunshine, time and again every summer. 


Unmistakably inspired by nature. Also at home even in places where there are no reeds or lakes nearby.


The slender sister of our portable bestseller lix. And supplies glare-free light in just the same way.

Powered by the sun.

They come into their own when the sun goes down. At the same time, they bring the energy of the golden orb into the dusk in the most flexible fashion: reed solar, cherry bubbls solar, lix spike solar and piek mini solar can be positioned in next-to-no time, wherever atmospheric light is needed. Thanks to the separate wired panel, the energy supply can be aligned ideally to the sun at some distance from the luminaire. Then again, the portable luminaires fil, aqu and qua carry their energy source around with them. They look great inside or out.


Small, but what a luminaire! qua is the power cube among the solar luminaires. Scores with its compact size and own power supply.


The simple yet refined light chain can be hung anywhere from trees or fastened to balcony railings, wherever subtle light accents are pleasing to the eye. And with its solar panel as energy source, it lights up everywhere completely self-sufficiently.

solar facts

Two to three days with 10 hours of sunshine are sufficient to recharge the battery fully with climate-neutral energy via the solar panel.

A battery completely charged via the solar panel has enough power for numerours evenings of atmospheric lighting.

The luminaire switches on automatically when it starts to get dark – and switches off again of its own accord about five hours later. qua and fil can also be switched by hand.  

kal solar, reed solar, cherry bubbls solar, lix spike solar and piek mini solar are connected with a lead to the solar panel. Their solar field can therefore be positioned anywhere regardless of the luminaire and in ideal alignment to the sun.  

It’s logical: the longer and stronger the sunshine, the greater the burn time and optimum performance. By contrast, operating hours are reduced noticeably in the shade, with incorrect alignment or soiling, when it is cloudy or when the sun is low in the sky.

The battery can also easily bridge three days without sunshine before being recharged again.


Carries the day brilliantly: with its gently curved handle, aqu can be carried to wherever it is needed to create really bright spots.


Discreet spot that creates the setting for plants and places. Absolutely self-sufficient thanks to the separate solar panel.  

IP44.DE solar join
Sun in the system.

What is brighter than a solar luminaire? That’s obvious: several solar luminaires! This can be useful for example in sections of the grounds or corners of the garden where illumination is wanted for a larger area but without any intention of installing a power supply just for this purpose. Combining several IP44.DE luminaires is also ideal for temporary illumination of an outdoor seating area or a barbecue corner. 

Our system IP44.DE solar join makes it easy to put luminaires into groups: lix spike solar, reed solar and piek mini solar can be linked with connectors and plugged into a solar panel. This makes it possible to connect up to four luminaires, also including different solar models.