Puristic spotlight and spike all in one. The minimalized uplight can be put in the ground at any angle and sets unusual accents.


vic deep black

The movable ground spike is fitted with LED technology. It includes 5 m supply cable and with its safety plug, its ready to connect.

Data sheet


Technical data

light technology light direction installation material protection class

230V Power LED

L70/50.000 h

flood reflector symmetric


5 m supply cable (H05RN-F 3G0,75) incl. safety plug ready to connect . movable


for unpaved beds and greens

head: aluminium die-casting powder-coated

spike: polyamide, fibre glass reinforced

safety glass clear


dimensions in mm colour item no. system performance colour temperature price excl. tax
deep black RAL 9005 91095-BL 4 W/280 lm
186.00 €

Caring & Useful information

Our luminaires have been designed to do their job for many years. But we need a little help from you to make sure that they don't lose their looks as the years go by and that they will continue to bring you pleasure for a long time! Please clean your IP44.de luminaires regularly. And please also remember that every material and every environment needs a different kind of care.

Application areas

All environments differ. The same goes for the material properties of our luminaires. Please consult us if you intend to use our products near the coast or in the vicinity of a swimming pool. Salt or chlorine particles in the air would make life very difficult for our luminaires. 

Caring for powder-coating

The luminaires have a powder-coated finish that offers high chemical and mechanical resistance. As with every surface, the colour shade of our powder-coated surfaces can also be changed when exposed to UV radiation (e.g. sunlight). Exposure to UV light can cause changes to the colour pigments embedded in the powder coating. A gentle, solvent-free household cleaner is all that's needed to care for the luminaire, which should then be rubbed off with a dry, soft cloth. Abrasive cleaners, steel wool, scouring pads, acids or alkali cleaning agents should not be used as these would damage the surface.