Every space deserves great light.

It's not a coincidence that at first glance, people often think our outside luminaires are particularly attractive inside luminaires. After all, they are just as aesthetically perfect as the most sophisticated interior lights.

We bring inner values to the outside.

There are lots of interesting luminaires. But, strangely enough, scarcely any for outside. And yet it is the outside of a home, prestigious building or company headquarters that a visitor sees first of all. Outside is where we present ourselves first and foremost. It is also outside where we spend many of the happiest hours of the year. Reason enough, we think, for a few really unusual bright spots outside.


For our outside lights, the hardest test is only just tough enough.

Summer heat in the middle of the year. Fog in the spring and rain in the autumn. Cold and frost in the winter: outside lights are exposed to many different types of extreme weather conditions. From material selection through to the electronic components, we design our luminaires so that they reliably withstand wind and weather for years.


Maximum life-long performance.

Our holistically optimized LED technology, ensures that our LED luminaires are inherently rated for a long life. Instead of susceptible converters, direct operation with 230 volt mains voltage ensures that our LED luminaires work without any maintenance and at full capacity for many years.


Award-winning design.

There‘s no accounting for taste? May be. But there‘s no doubt that the experts love our designs. So much so that they have received awards such as the Good Design, iF-Award, Red Dot Award, Design Plus, Iconic Award and the German Design Price.


Bernd Schmalhorst . Founder and Managing Director IP44.DE

Design for outside that would also be appreciated inside.

Clear forms. Precious materials. Filigree design. Pure expression. All these elements are far more demanding outside than inside. But we don’t see that as any reason to compromise on our design claim. Which we implement with the assistance of excellent external and inhouse designers, for whom outside luminaires have to be at least as perfect as the loveliest indoor luminaires.