Repair service

Luminaire defective? That’s where the IP44.DE repair service comes in. At company headquarters in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, our experts attend to every defective IP44.DE product – and actually make most of them work again.

Lightning that suddenly overloads even the most robust building electronics. Parking vehicles that reverse into bollard luminaires. Heat, cold and moisture that try to penetrate the housing: outside luminaires really are exposed to many different forces in the course of their outdoor life. And although IP44.DE luminaires usually have an extremely long life, as a rule they can withstand these forces. And we have Gorgis Akan and Christopher Hölscher to deal with the few exceptions.

95 percent success rate 

Akan and Hölscher belong to IP44.DE’s experienced repair service team. Whatever kind of damage may occur to outside luminaires, the two electricians have already handled it with their skilled hands. Their workshop at IP44.DE headquarters in Rheda-Wiedenbrück is stocked with parts for all luminaires from the more recent IP44.DE generations, so that defective elements can be replaced and luminaires restored again swiftly. “95 percent of the luminaires that are sent in can be repaired, making them technically as good as new”, figures Gorgis Akan. 

Serviceable design

“We are a company that produces and sells top-quality products”, adds Christopher Hölscher, “so for us it is a matter of course to support our customers if the products are damaged in any way.” The serviceable design of the IP44.DE luminaires also makes it easier to keep this promise. Already in the early stages, the IP44.DE designers make sure that it is possible for luminaire housings to be removed and components replaced without too much effort. “This is one of the main differences to many supposedly cheaper luminaires”, says Gorgis Akan. “Most of them are designed to be thrown away, not repaired.”

A new lease of life

By contrast, the mindset of the two IP44.DE electricians is “We can do that!” For example, it is almost always worth replacing a defective LED illuminant, which is the most frequent wear part. If the damage is covered by the extended IP44.DE guarantee, the customer won’t even have to pay anything for the repairs. The maintenance-friendly design and the repair service are part of IP44.DE’s sustainability activities, which we will be constantly expanding in future. 

Customer queries about repairs and service are handled by Desire Hölscher. “Once a luminaire has been received here, we report back to the customer within five working days”, says the customer service expert, who works right next to the repair service team. 

They only capitulate when a luminaire is a total write-off, for example when the lawnmower has damaged a housing so badly that it can no longer be repaired. When this happens, the luminaires are taken apart so that the materials can be correctly sorted for subsequent disposal. If they can’t be repaired, at least IP44.DE luminaires are recycled properly.

Christopher Hölscher . Desire Hölscher . Gorgis Akan

This is how it’s done

1. Faulty luminaire? Contact the IP44.DE customer service (customerservice@IP44.de, phone +49 5242 5797-0) with the delivery note or invoice number at the ready.

2. The customer service will tell you what to do. Normally, you’ll be asked to send the luminaire to us, well packed: IP44 Schmalhorst GmbH & Co. KG . Mühlenstraße 20 . 33378 Rheda-Wiedenbrück . Germany

3. We’ll check the luminaire and send you a cost estimate within 3-5 working days. Any damage covered by our extended warranty (IP44.de/service/guarantee) is repaired free of charge.

4. Normally, you’ll receive your luminaire back again within a few weeks.