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Beautiful shine

No building is like any other, so why should the outside luminaires be the same? We make our luminaires in many different top quality colour shades and surfaces, for adapting to every architecture and every outside space.

pure white

White is the colour of purity and joy. The purest of all colour shades is used primarily where architecture focuses on what really matters.


cool brown

A slight glimmer effect gives structure and depth to our shade of brown. Perfect for clinker brick facades, linking the building visually with its green surroundings.


space grey

Architectural. Technical. Cool. space grey with its slight iron glimmer recalls structures in the DB colour shade. Which is why some also call it the "architect's colour".



By far and away our most popular colour shade. Possibly because it is such a perfect match with so many door and window frames? Or because of its discreet appearance? Probably both.


deep black

This is the classical colour per se. Perfect for classical architecture.